Track Restaurant Health Inspections in Dorchester

Next time you go out to dinner you might want to check to see if the restaurant you’ve chosen has recently passed or failed its health inspection.

Did you know that over the last month 10 restaurants in North Dorchester have failed their inspection and another 13 eating establishments failed their inspection in South Dorchester?

Most of the violations seem pretty minor, but some of the inspection comments might cause a bit more concern:

“Management not overseeing employees and safe food handling practices.”
— Pho Hoa Restaurant

“Clean shelving of droppings.”
— Johnny’s Pizza & Subs

“Shrimp and pork being defrosted in the same bucket at room temperature.”
— Ba Le Fields Corner

“Interior metal of ice machine with rust like residues.”
— The Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

“At time of inspection 1 staff member doing food prep without proper hair restraint.”
— New Garden Restaurant

You can also search the Mayor’s Food Court for health inspection information for restaurants throughout Boston.

Remember, most restaurant owners are doing their best to play by the rules and thankfully the city inspectors are there to weed out those who aren’t.


Make Your Own Wine at the Boston Winery

Did you know you could make your own wine right here in Dorchester?   That’s right, in fact your very own barrel full of wine!

The folks at the Boston Winery guide you through the entire process of wine making from crushing the grapes through bottling.   Call 617-265-WINE (9463) for more information.

An interesting side note, the upcoming War of ’04 cable television series about the Irish mob in Boston is currently being filmed there.

Passport to Upham’s Corner

Upham’s Corner Main Street is organizing a scavenger hunt contest with local businesses this holiday season. The winner who visits the most stores in Upham’s Corner on December 19th and 20th will win an iPod. You can pick up an entry application at the UCMS office at 594 Columbia Road Suite #302, call 617-265-0363 or email

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CF Donovan’s Reviews

CF DonovansCF Donovan’s
112 Savin Hill Avenue (between Midland St & Sydney St) map

yelp: “With huge portions that blow your mind, everyone was fat and happy by the time we were done!”

Boston Restaurant Talk: “Both the young and the old come here to eat, and to enjoy the great overall laid-back feel of the place.”

Ashmont Grill Reviews

ashmont_grillAshmont Grill
555 Talbot Ave (between Argyle St & Dorchester Ave) map

Boston Magazine: “The Ashmont Grill is a casual, warm, and uncommonly good restaurant you’ll be wishing were in your neighborhood, too.”

yelp:  “The service is decent and there’s always eye candy. What more could you ask for?”

Zagat:  “Good comfort food in casual trendy atmosphere. Romantic back garden with heat and blankets for chilly evenings.”

CitySearch: “I particularly like that they offer mostly organic wines and that they try as much as possible to be local about their ingredients.”

Main Street Organizations Seeing Slowdown in Business

According to local business owners and program directors of Main Street organizations, the national economic crisis has started to affect business here in Dorchester.

However, views are mixed on just how badly Dorchester businesses are feeling the pinch.

“I don’t think we’ve felt the full effect yet . . . People haven’t said that business is terrible, but if the economic slowdown continues we might.”
–Evelyn Darling, Fields Corner Main Street Program Director

“We’re struggling right now . . . The economy is really doing us small business guys in.”
–Marc Stallworth, owner Courthouse Convenience store on Washington Street

“I think that we’re pretty much holding steady . . . Most of the storefronts are getting rented and are not open for long. Overall, people are still investing in this neighborhood.”
–Dan Larner, St. Mark’s Area Main Streets Director

Read the Full Dorchester Reporter Article

There is still evidence of new businesses opening in Dorchester. Search for new business licenses issued in North Dorchester and South Dorchester over the last few weeks (please note these listings also include reissued licenses for existing businesses).

How Do You Say “Hello” in Vietnamese?

Surprise your Vietnamese neighbors, learn how to say “hello” in Vietnamese:

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